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18 años.

Alice In Chains - MTV Unplugged


Zooming into the constellation Sagittarius.

1. A region of the Milky Way
2. A large portion of the sky very rich in nebulae and star clusters. For example the Lagoon, Trifid, Eagle and Omega nebulae are seen.
3. The field around the Lagoon and Trifid nebulae
4. The finest details of the Lagoon and Trifid nebulae. M8, an emission nebulae, lies at the left.
5. Close-up look of M20 where the three different types of nebula can be seen

Credit: the members of the IAC astrophotography group.

Alice In Chains.

'Let the sun never blind your eyes'


Learn to swim.

I wanna watch it all go down…

Monte Aconcagua, Cordillera de Los Andes desde Valparaíso, en la costa de Chile. El punto más alto de América, y del hemisferio sur. (Aconcagua is the highest peak over America)

Fotografía por Roberto Antezana.

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The Black Sea at Night

- Ivan Aivazovsky, 1879